How to Find a Good Arizona Criminal Law Attorney

May 22, 2012

There is currently no list that objectively ranks all Arizona criminal law practitioners in terms of their competence, experience, and knowledge of the law. Hence, you will need to do a little research before you can actually find one who can best handle your case. To begin with, avoid limiting your search to Arizona criminal defense solicitors who specialize in particular aspects of the law. While a specialized solicitor would be a great choice in some cases, they likewise attract suspicion in other instances.

At this point, your biggest consideration must be the criminal defense lawyer's track record and whether he would be willing to devote his time to your case. One good way of finding the right defense attorney is asking for referrals. You can ask your friends, family members, neighbors or coworkers if they know someone who is not just well versed in Arizona criminal law, but also has a good reputation and proven track record of success.

Another way that will allow you to find the right Arizona criminal law attorney is by searching the Web. These days, there are many lawyers who maintain their own websites. Since there are attorneys who are offering free initial consultation, do not just speak with one lawyer but consult two or more, and then choose the one you think can best help you in your case. So far, the Internet is the best resource where you can easily find criminal defense attorneys near you.

With so many lawyers out there, choosing the right one is the trickiest part. Before hiring someone, make sure to perform a little background check. You can get information about your potential lawyer in some Web discussion forums or by simply reading testimonials. When you check the background of your chosen Arizona criminal law attorney, see for yourself too if you feel comfortable sharing your case with him. As much as possible, ask questions and observe how well he answers them.

Another thing that will help you hire the right criminal defense lawyer is checking his accreditations and credentials. Check if he is a member of a known law society or popular organization. Those who are regulated by reputable bar councils are usually reliable ones. Other credentials that you should check may include records from a previous office, teaching experience, published legal articles (if there are any) and others that you think could be helpful for your case. All these are helpful indications of the Arizona criminal defense attorney's reputation and standing in the legal community.

Do not forget to discuss with your potential Arizona criminal law attorney how you will pay him. Ask about his payment terms and if there will be any ancillary services you might need. Ask too what will happen to your case if ever he becomes unavailable because of any reason and who will represent you in such an event. Some lawyers are charging their clients on a contingency fee basis. Ensure that you will have all terms clear from the very beginning of your engagement.