Avondale Detective Adam Lewis Fired for Misconduct

October 24, 2012

An Avondale police detective, Adam Lewis, was recently fired by the Avondale Police Department, and the firing was upheld by AZ POST, the state agency that certifies police officers. According to Lindsey Reiser of KPHO channel 5 "see AZPOST: Former Avondale detective used coercion to search homes":

[AZ POST claims] in a four-month period, between July and November 2010, Adam Lewis violated policies in 10 criminal cases. They say he used coercion and asked suspects questions before he read them their Miranda rights. In one case they say Lewis threatened to take someone to jail for outstanding warrants unless they let him search a business and even promised to have a current charged dismissed. 

On camera I said: 

"When people interact with officers, they ought to know what their rights are or what their rights aren't," said defense attorney Vladimir Gagic, who is not associated with this case. He said it's important that officers follow the rules to maintain the integrity of our system.
"I think good police realize that doing things by the book is easier and more convenient than playing off the cuff," Gagic said.

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